Learn a simple way to earn money and be a RAPID IPTV reseller
For your information: IPTV services have more than 50 millions users in the world. Create your own IPTV website now and earn over 10,000 Euro per month. You should only create lines for your users from your IPTV panel. Moreover, you can create enigma script for all IPTV boxes which uses enigma.

The way of IPTV panel work
You should buy credits to load your reseller panel when you become our reseller. the minimum amount is 200€

Start earning money
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Working with reseller account
Reseller account doesn’t depend on time. It means that you buy a reseller account without any expiration date. Please notice that your credits are the only important thing. you can create accounts for your users with your credits.

Having your own URL
You can create your own DNS and Branding and no one will notice you are Rapid IPTV reseller.